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What if I forget my ‘Password’?

From the ‘Login Page’ select ‘Forgot Password’. You will be asked to enter your email, user name. This will trigger a system password reset which will send you an email. You should follow the steps outlined in the email to gain access again.

Can I start bidding without registering for the online auction event?

To actively participate in our online auction event, you must register first. There is no charge to register for our auctions. Even if you have actively participated on our previous auctions, we will require you to register again.

What if I move, change my telephone number or my email after setting up an account?

Please call or email the Auction Committee and clearly state you would like to update your contact information. We can be reached at 306-665-3556.

What if I submitted the account set up form but didn’t receive a confirmation email?

Please call 306-665-3556 or email and clearly state whom you are and that you have not received an email confirmation.


Am I bound in any way when placing a bid?

YES!!!! Each individual bid is consider a legally binding offer to purchase a particular item.

What is the starting bid and reserve bid?

Every item has a set starting bid, hidden reserve bid and a retail price. The starting bid is the amount that the bidding starts at for the item. The hidden reserve bid is a price placed on the item which determines if an item sells or does not sell on the auction. If the bid surpasses the hidden reserve bid during the auction, then the item continues to accept bids until the closing of the auction. All hidden reserve bids are set per item and will be revealed to the bidders on November 10th, 2023.

Can I retract a bid?

Under no circumstances will retraction of a bid be allowed. For further explanation you may contact the Auction Committee by email

I wanted try out the auto-bid feature and when I did, the leading bid also increased. Why?
The auto-bid feature allows active bidders to place their best bid amount. Once this is done, your best bid is now the leading bid online. It is very important that you choose your auto-bid carefully.

Can I bid anonymously?

When placing your first bid, you can choose to select the anonymous bidding feature which will hide your username from being displayed during the bidding process.

What is a Username on leading bids?

The username is latest active bidder on an item who has not selected the anonymous bidding selection.

What is a ‘Bid Increment’?

A bid increment is the ‘minimum’ value that must added to the ‘leading bid’ in order place a ‘valid bid’ in our auction system. Bid increments vary by item.

In the case of multi-item listings what happens when I bid on more then one item?

The auction often has multiple listings of the same item and you may bid on more then one of these items. However, please remember that at the end of the auction if you are the leading bidder on three items where reserve met is ‘yes’ that means you have won three items.


How does the auction work?

A live online auction works like a silent auction. There is not of an auctioneer taking bids. The auction platform manages the entire bidding process. When the auction is complete, the person who has submitted the highest bid will buy the item for that amount plus applicable taxes. All items must meet the hidden reserve bid to sell on the auction.

Why is my auction time incorrect?

Best practice during a live online auction event is to refresh your browser often to see the latest time and leading bids. Failing to do so will result in inaccurate information being displayed.

Are the items new?

YES! All items in the auction are brand new unless otherwise indicated on the item page or in the auction rules.

Does my bid include tax?

Successful bidders will be responsible for all applicable taxes on the items they purchase.

Once your Proxy Bid or Bid Amount has been exceeded you will need to make a decision on whether or not you are willing to re-bid and try to become the leading bidder again.

Who is eligible to participate?

Bidding is open to anyone 18 years of age or over. Employees of participating businesses may bid, but not on items that are provided by their respective companies.

Why participate?

Besides the fact that you may never again have the opportunity to buy items like the ones we’re featuring at such UNHEARD OF SAVINGS, bidding is competitive, exciting and fun!


How do I know if I’m the winning bidder?

After the auction closes you will be notified by email or phone. You may also call our Auction Manager at 306-665-3556 with any inquries you may have.

 How do I pay for the item(s) I have won in the Auction?

Payments may be accepted by certified cheque, money order, Visa or MasterCard. (For larger ticket items winners are expected to make the appropriate arrangements for payment). If paying by business or personal cheque, please allow extra days for clearance of the cheque before the vendor will be notified to release the item(s).

What happens if I’m the winning bidder on an item?

You will be notified by email or phone. Once payment is collected in full, you can reach the participating vendor to arrange your item pick-up or delivery. Please allow 48 hours after auction payment is collected before contacting the vendor for your item(s). You can email or call 306-665-3556 if you have any questions.

Will I win the item if I’m the leading bidder and the reserve has NOT been met?

No the item must reach the hidden reserve price in order for the item to be sold.


How do I know the site is safe?

The ‘Login’ and ‘Create a new account’ page information that is entered is transferred and stored on an SSL 128-bit encrypted server. Think of it like an armoured truck service, moving valuable data from one location to another under high security